Chris Holst, attorney at law
Providing legal advice and counsel on  copyrights, trademarks, software licensing, trade secrecy and contracts involving those issues.
Mission Statement


Creativity is the most effective method of adding value in today's knowledge economy.  To maximize your value, you need to identify and exploit the assets your creativity gives to you.  The laws of copyright and trademark govern which of your creative endeavors are protected monopolies granted to you by law, and which are freely usable by anybody unless they contract with you not to. 

I provide understanding of the laws that protect creative people, and can help you take advantage of the rights your creativity has earned you under the law.  I want to provide affordable advice and counsel to people whose creativity deserves the protection of the law.

My mission is to help creative people understand and use the laws that have been enacted to reward their creativity.  As a lawyer, I hope to educate and help people understand the nature of laws that are intended to encourage and protect their creative expressions. 

My goal is to help creative people and companies navigate the laws governing creativity, and to maximize the value that their creativity brings to them, and adds to the world around us.